1) I've grown dreadlocks;
2) I've bussed tables for Joe Does and fixed drinks for the Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis;
3) When I was 8, I taught English for free to my uncle's maid;
4) At 18, I was taught Spanish for free by my friends while playing soccer at Central Park;
5) I've jumped from the highest bungee jump in the world. And I'm afraid of heights;
6) I cook the best Brazilian rice (it's just white rice, but it sounds exotic);
7) I've invited a homeless couple to join me and a friend for lunch in a Chinese restaurant (she was pregnant and he had never had shrimp);
8) I've disassembled a bike to clean it up but I was never able to reassemble it again;
9) I draw such a perfect caricature of the chemistry teacher that every teacher wanted one too (when I can't draw!)
10) I've watched a movie from the movie theater's projection room.

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